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Make Space for Art | Woman meditating

Art requires space.

Too often, physical space becomes the object of our focus, for one of the best ways to stimulate the magical flow state that all creators crave is to establish supportive rituals and environments. Personally, I’m at my most creative in a quiet room with a barren desk, overlooking the water or mountains, or (pre-COVID) in a noisy coffee shop

However, physical space, while both an excuse and a privilege, is also merely a tool —  one of many tools that can be enlisted in creating the real space necessary for creativity: mental space.

Mental space comes from shutting out everything, eliminating distractions both internal and external, and allowing for the deep work that facilitates great art. 

It is a state easier described than achieved these days. Yet, it is a state worth fighting for, as a quieted mind is a rare and special thing in our techno-Pavlovian and partially-quarantined world.

Whether in a noisy apartment, a bustling house, or a seemingly pauseless modern life, find the tools and environments that allow you to be alone with your creativity. 

Make space for art.