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For as long as I can remember, it has been the same–the week from Christmas through New Year’s Day has always been my favorite week of the year. It’s a week when the rest of the world is chilled. The phone rings less. The meetings are fewer and farther between. The daily inbox flood is diminished to a trickle.

There is space to reflect, to think about the past year. What missteps did I make? What did I do right? Where could I have been more effective?? (I imagine 2020 will probably bring some unique and original reflections for all of us.)

More importantly, it is a time to focus on the future. What lessons can I take forward from the past year into the next year? 

I love this time because it is a time to imagine, a time full of dreams and possibilities–before real life interrupts. All in all, it’s simply a fantastic week that makes me enthused for the new year!!! 

I’m deep into planning 2021 right now, and we’ve got some projects planned for next year that I’m excited to share. Until then…

What about you? How do you like this week? How do you like to spend it? What are you hoping to change in 2021?