August, 1933. Berlin, Germany.

As he watches his country descend into fascist dictatorship, Friedrich Foxx, the most famous radio personality in the country, is forced to make a decision—continue to support the madness or fight it.



Clinton, Mississippi. 1943. World War II.

Young Jesse just received his first shoe shine box. When he begins shining shoes in town, he meets the enemy face to face, but he soon learns that the enemy isn’t alway who you think it is.

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A fallen leader. A revolution at a turning point. A moment of weakness.

Set in the fictional Latin American country of Chipuelta during the late Seventies, The Tear tells the tale of a revolutionary leader at a crossroads, wanting to see the revolution he had fought for his whole life come to fruition and despairing what happens when it does.

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Author | Filmmaker | Musician

Adam S. Toporek

Adam S. Toporek is a published nonfiction author who has recently turned his pen to fiction and art. He’s the author of the short stories, The Tear and The Enemy, as well as the novella The Fox.

He is the writer, director, and producer of the short film, Sexy Summer Stock.

His production company, El Arte Es Amor Productions, is focused on expanding the boundaries of artistic expression, particularly through exploring the possibilities of short form art.

Adam’s podcast, A Kick in the Art, as well as his website, are burgeoning resources to help writers, musicians, and artists of all stripes, break through mental barriers and emotional resistance, develop powerfully productive creative habits, and share more of their art with the world.

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