Storytelling has been a long-time interest and passion of mine. From literature to cinema to advertising, there is nothing quite as powerful as a tale well told.

In recent years, I’ve become particularly interested in short films. The format appeals to me, both because of its accessibility and its limitations.

Art is often created in an environment of constraints. Time, money, energy — art is rarely created in perfect conditions. In the olden days, even the favored artists at court had the constraint of creating art that pleased their benefactors.

Filmmaking “shorts” is an exercise in creating art within boundaries and trying to figure out how to break free from as many of those constraints as possible.

With my first short film, I decided to dive headlong into the “breaking free” part of the process, by creating an experimental short film that not only broke a number of filmmaking “rules” but that also that explored the boundaries of filmmaking during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Adam Toporek Filmmaker | Short Film Director, Writer, and Producer


The first narrative short film made completely with stock video footage!

Sexy Summer Stock is an experimental comedy that attempts to capture a piece of the zeitgeist of late 2020. It is also an homage to the beauty of the Spanish language.

The entire film was created through virtual collaboration.

From auditions and callbacks, to dialogue recording sessions to the “editing room,” the actors, director, and crew were never in the same place at one time.

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Narrative Short Film Sexy Summer Stock: Official Poster