The mission of El Arte Es Amor Productions is simple:

Make great art and share it with the world.

From filmmaking to fiction to music, this company is dedicated to all aspects of the artistic journey — from creation to publication to promotion.



I believe that art is one of the purest forms of love. It is sharing who we are with others — what we see, what we believe, and what we feel.

Art is an understanding nod to a fellow traveler, a reassuring embrace in a storm, a guiding hand in the dark.

Whether it envelops us warmly with its dreamy aspirations or rips us open with its unforgiving lens, art always lets us know that we are not alone.

Art is love. El arte es amor.


Decades ago, upon reading Gertrude Stein’s Paris, France, I wrote down her reflection:

“French is a spoken language and English a written one.”

I always thought it a trenchant observation, about both languages.

This year, as I’ve finally made real progress on my long-term goal of learning Spanish, I’ve realized that Stein’s observation does more than capture the inherent natures of French and English, it makes a broader point about language in general.

Language is both a cultural construct and a tool; as such, some languages are simply better suited to certain types of expression than others.

El Arte Es Amor just sounded right, and as it turns out, the name is more on point than I could have ever imagined, as fully five pieces of art that I am currently working on either contain the Spanish language or will be completely in Spanish.

It’s not intentional; it’s just what the art demands. And that is what this company is dedicated to.

Un abrazo,
Adam Toporek

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