Adam S Toporek's historical fiction short story, The Enemy, set in World War II, Clinton, Mississippi



August, 1933. Seven months after Hitler’s ascension to Chancellor, Germany is almost completely Nazified. Friedrich Foxx, the most famous radio personality in the country, has been a part of this transformation—a brash voice for German rebirth.

As the country he loves descends rapidly into a fascist dictatorship, Friedrich is brought face-to-face with the legacy of his words and is forced to make a decision—continue to support the madness or fight it. Learn more.


My passion for fiction began, ironically, while I was in  music school.

Somewhere around the age of 23 or so, I was bitten by the fiction bug. I began reading the classics of literature for fun. From Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov and Tolstoy’s War and Peace, I voluntarily worked my way through a nice chunk of the (traditional) Western canon in my early Twenties.

Except for Joyce’s Ulysses. I just couldn’t do it. Maybe it is a great piece of literature; maybe it’s a signpost of academic pretension masking as great literature? At this point in my life, I’ll never know.

But I digress…

During this time, I wrote my first novel, a sprawling, multi-generational college tragedy that is still sitting in my closet to this day. It is a book I can best describe as a “great story, poorly told.”

Though life and business subsumed much of my focus in the ensuing years, I never lost my passion for writing–and frankly, the stories in my head never stopped coming.

So now, I have a ton of fiction coming your way!

My first short story The Tear was published in July 2022, and the short story, The Enemy, is scheduled for the end 2022. In early 2023, I will be releasing my first novella, The Fox.

Adam S. Toporek's upcoming fiction
  • The Fox (Jan. 30) 100% 100%

Set in the early days of Nazi Germany, The Fox tells the tale of  Friedrich Foxx, a popular radio personality who soon discovers that strong words have even stronger consequences.

  • The Promotion 60% 60%

In the world of mixed martial arts, one champion reigns supreme, but when tragedy strikes, he prepares himself for one last fight.


Adam S. Toporek's short story, The Tear, about revolutionaries in the fictional country of Chipuelta.
El cuento de Adam S. Toporek, La Lágrima, sobre los revolucionarios en el país ficticio de Chipuelta
Adam S Toporek's historical fiction short story, The Enemy, set in World War II, Clinton, Mississippi