Book cover for Adam S. Toporek's novella The Fox about radio propaganda in 1933 Germany.

The Enemy

Story Type: Novella
Publication Date: January 30, 2023
Available Format(s): Ebook

August, 1933. Seven months after Hitler’s ascension to Chancellor, Germany is almost completely Nazified. Friedrich Foxx, the most famous radio personality in the country, has been a part of this transformation—a brash voice for German rebirth.

As the country he loves descends rapidly into a fascist dictatorship, Friedrich is brought face-to-face with the legacy of his words and is forced to make a decision—continue to support the madness or fight it.

In clarion call for our times, author Adam S. Toporek revives the ghosts of the media’s past to lay bare the small compromises that fuel the creep of tyranny and to show the tragic ends to which propaganda and misinformation can lead.

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  • The Radio as the Eighth Great Power. In the turning point scene in The Fox, a comment from Goebbels about the radio being “an important intermediary between a spiritual movement and the nation, between the idea and the people” is recounted. It is described as something Goebbels once said to the protagonist, Friedrich, but the words are historical and come from this 1933 speech that was given at about the time our story takes place. (external)
  • Eugen Hadamovsky’s Book. Eugen Hadamovsky, who plays a role in The Fox, was real and held the role he played in the story, helping to “convert” German media and bring it under control of The Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightement. Well, Hadamovsky wrote a book about propaganda in that very year, 1933. The dedication says it all: “To the master of political propaganda, Dr. Joseph Goebbels
    under whose brilliant leadership the neglected weapon of German politics became a creative art.” (external)