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The A Kick in the Art Podcast is for creatives of all types who want to…

  •   Break through mental barriers and emotional resistance,
  •   Develop powerfully productive creative habits, and
  •   Share more of your art with the world.

Using principles from psychology, neuroscience, and organizational behavior, a Kick in the Art brings you lessons from hyper-productive artists, productivity experts, and of course, those who have walked the talk–successful writers, musicians, filmmakers, painters, and more.

Ready to take your art to the next level and share your gifts with the world?

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A Kick in the Art Podcast with Adam Toporek | Episode 006 | Lessons from the Readymade: Art Out of Everyday Life

Episode 006

Where can artists find inspiration? Can they use the world around them as sparks for their art? Ideas are everywhere. The key for creatives is how they allow themselves to experience the world, how they open themselves to the inspiration provided by everyday life. ...
A Kick in the Art Podcast with Adam Toporek | Episode 005 | Sarah Jillian: Exploring the Heart of Art

Episode 005

What does it mean to explore different artistic passions? Our guest, Sara Jillian, shares her life of creativity and how she has explored writing, illustrating, acting, being a clown and more. An artist from a young age, Sarah learned how to embrace her creative...
A Kick in the Art Podcast with Adam Toporek | Episode 004 | How to Step Away from an Artistic Project

Episode 004

In this episode, you’ll learn some tips and tricks for stepping away from your art, strategically, and with an eye towards coming back fresher and stronger than before.  If you listened to our last episode,  5 Signs You Should Step Away from Your Art, then maybe...
A Kick in the Art Podcast with Adam Toporek | Episode 003 | 5 Signs You Should Step Away from Your Art

Episode 003

Is it time to step away from your art? It’s one of the most difficult decisions an artist can make, and today, you’ll learn how to know if the time is right.  Stepping away from a project can be powerful and can be just the medicine your project needs when you are no...
A Kick in the Art Podcast with Adam Toporek | Episode 002 | The Power of Creative Sprints

Episode 002

Do you ever feel unmotivated? Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that your art feels like yet another MUST in your life, just another thing in an impossible list of things you need to do.  What if there were a technique to help you break through that resistance, a...



So, about me. I’m a third-generation entrepreneur with two business degrees who is well known in the areas of customer experience and customer service.

Yet, I’ve always been an artist. I picked up my first guitar at 14 years old, wrote my first novel at 25 years old (which is still sitting in a closet), and wrote short stories, screenplays, and songs along the way.

But I never did anything with them.

Like many of you, when the pandemic hit, I took stock of my life and dedicated myself to my art. However, this time, I brought the principles from a long business career to my creative process—ideas that helped me be effective and consistent in my artistic endeavors.

The results? I’ve now produced more art in the last two and a half years than I did in the 20 years before. More importantly, I’m getting that art out to the world. (Check the menu above for more.)

I started the A Kick in the Art Podcast because I understand what it means to put my art on the back burner, to wake up one day and realize that too many years have gone by. I want to give you the tools and techniques you can use to avoid my mistake and to share more of your art with the world.

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