Production Title: Sexy Summer Stock

Union / Non-Union: Non-Union

Production Type: Independent 

Project Length: Short Film (approx. 10 minutes)

Posted: Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Production Location: Virtual

Production Company: El Arte Es Amor Productions, LLC

Director: Adam Toporek

Audition Location: Virtual

Email: casting (at)

Compensation: Yes


Auditions and Callbacks: July 30 – August 8, 2020 

Rehearsal/Recording: August 9 – August 22, 2020


A comedy straight from the bowels of 2020. 

StockGod is a bit of a mess, but “she” appears in James’ life to use her god-granted powers to help James find true love. The last time StockGod tried to help James, it didn’t go well. But he goes along with her again and is soon transported to Spain to meet his true love. There, he finds Adriana, and things only go downhill from there.


NOTE: Since the roles will be in voiceover only, the age ranges are a little more fluid than a traditional film. If you sound the right age, that’s all that really matters; however, the accents designated are important.

STOCKGOD (Female, 25-35, neutral American English accent). StockGod isn’t really God but a struggling actor moonlighting with some godlike powers. She has appeared to help James again, but her positivity and cheerfulness are marred by an oblivious and uninformed confidence that frustrates James.  

JAMES (Male, 25-35, neutral American English accent). James is a down-on-his-luck actor who was on the cusp of his big break when StockGod showed up last time. He’s bitter, a smartass, and responds to StockGod’s meddling with biting sarcasm. He doesn’t trust StockGod but can’t seem to walk away from a chance at true love.

ADRIANA (Female, 25-35, Spanish speaking with an accent, de España, from the country of Spain). Adriana speaks Spanish and only has one note: whispered seduction. She has the most beautiful, enticing Spanish voice James has ever heard, but the things she says, well… there’s nothing beautiful about them.


To be respectful of everyone’s time, here are some “must-haves” you should consider before submitting:

AVAILABILITY. We are moving fast. Must be available for rehearsal, production, and promotion in August and early September 2020. 

RECORDING ABILITY. Please have a quiet place and sufficient flexibility each week for quiet, uninterrupted recording time.  

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION. In general, you should be located in the contiguous 48 U.S. states. For audio consistency, we will likely send equipment to the actors for recording; the logistics and cost of doing this outside the 48 are prohibitive. (EXCEPTION: If you are non-U.S. based BUT in a continental U.S. time zone AND have your own high-quality audio equipment, feel free to apply.) 

WILLINGNESS TO PROMOTE. You will not be on camera for any of the film itself; however, there may be video associated with social promotion. We are looking for actors who want to work as a team to make the film a success.

STRONG INTERNET CONNECTION. You need a solid Internet for video meetings/recordings and uploading files.

COMPUTER AND SOFTWARE. You will need a personal computer, Mac or PC, that you control and can install software on. We will assist you with the recording software. A work computer (meaning if you have one from another company where you are an employee or contractor) can not be used.


Since this is not a typical shoot and we are all adapting to filming in quarantine, here are some details:

PAY. The pay is a flat fee per actor after filming/recording is complete. STOCKGOD and JAMES are USD $300. ADRIANA, a smaller role, is USD $200. 

SCHEDULE. This should give you an idea of the general schedule, on top of the normal communication, scheduling, and hiccups that are part of every shoot:

  • PREP. The most any single character should have is up to 5 minutes of dialogue. It’s voiceover, so you will not need to memorize lines and can use a script. The prep time is whatever you need to crush the part!
  • REHEARSAL. We will do table reads (i.e. “Zoom reads”). 
  • RECORDING. All done remotely and scheduled with the director and in some cases other actors. 
  • PUNCHES. Once we are in editing, we may need to rerecord and punch in some parts. As needed.
  • PROMOTION. Shooting some fun promo videos, posting to social, etc. 

PROMOTION. We will be investing budget in promoting the film and YOU! We are looking to promote the film as a team. We will be doing publicity as well as paid advertising, but the goal would be to create as much momentum as possible together. We will be doing some unique things to help you grow your platform as well.

CREDITS. The film will be added to IMDB and you will be credited for your role.


If you take your work seriously but don’t take yourself too seriously, you’ll fit in great! This is a small-budget comedy, so we’re looking to have fun. Why else do it?

By the way, this film has some adult themes and has some lighthearted fun with the idea of God; if you’re not comfortable with either of those things, please do not apply.


Click below to go to the application form. Reminder, we’re moving fast!

UPDATE (Aug 1): If you have come here from Backstage, please apply there also! We were shocked by the volume of response on Backstage and are having to manage the applications there. In fact, it was so crazy that we didn’t advertise the casting call anywhere else, so you probably are here from Backstage! 🙂

If you want to fill out this form you can or you can wait. It will be the first step if you are called for an audition.

Of course, if you have a quick question or need to clarify something, feel free to email us at the address above. Thank you!

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